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How to export import Tea Leaf to China?

 tea leaf
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We regularly handle tea and tea relevant products from Taiwan, Indonesia, Denmark, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka Tea, Singapore and other countries and regions.  We also handle other food and beverage, such as  red wine, beer, champagne, olive oil,coconut oil, coffee, coffee bean, chocolate, fruit juice, ,mineral water, biscuit, honey, oatmeal, dry fruits, canned food, candies, food additives, chips, milk products.
What documents are required for customs clearance for tea in China?
packing list, sales contract, invoice, certificate of origin, health certificate,test report, original labels and their Chinese translation, production date certificate, process flow chart certificate. 
How much tax China customs collect from imported tea leaf?
Import duty: 10-15%
Value added tax: 13% 
Welcome to send us inquiry. We have many succussful experinece on export/import Customs clearance, and already built strong relationship with Chinese government bodies and served many foreign enterprises that in and out China.
Main service:
1. Customs clearance
2. logistics service
3. payment service
4. Pick up/deliver trucking
5. warehouse solution
6. express deliver
7. payment agent
8. company registration
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