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CNC Machine Clearance China

CNC machine import
CNC machine clearance
CNC machine are much needed in China now, and many factory are likely to import CNC machine from foreign. As well as the  Foreigner CNC machine sellers, China is a huge market for all kind of goods.
Do you want to export CNC machine to China?
Are you looking for a Customs clearance in China to help your export your machine?
Do you need a machine import agent?
We can help!
Seehog have 17 years successful experience in Machine import, and we can handle every port in China, including:
Tianjin, Ningbo, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, HongKong and etc...
Any interested, Pls kindly contact:
Miss Momo
TEL:  +86 13671815098    Email:
Wechat: 13671815098      What's app: +86 13671815098


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