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We have nine coastal cities network service platform, namely the east China area (Shanghai, suzhou, ningbo), south China (shenzhen, dongguan, guangzhou, Hong Kong), north China (tianjin, Qingdao).As one of the nation's largest import agent with 280 consultant on-the-job, focus on empty ocean shipping import logistics services, such as imported customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, import, sea transportation, insurance, file
Customs for the record, chartering agency, container shipping, import and export right, trailer service, etc.Company main products are imported through the agency of old and new machinery and mechanical and electrical products (such as machining center, CNC punch, various kinds of instrument, spinning machine, printing machine, injection molding machine, medical equipment, large in Europe and America line, car assembly line, electronics DVD production line, etc.);Imports of logs (such as Africa, South America, southeast Asia and the United States log log log
Furniture);Imports of chemical products (such as all kinds of chemical raw materials, printing ink, paint, etc.) and import miscellaneous (e.g., private jets, yachts, arts and crafts, food, wine, cosmetics, golf products, piano, senior tableware and other daily consumables, etc.) a total of more than 800 projects.Main brands have mitsubishi, Siemens, foxconn, byd, samsung, omron, kangda, valeo, roach, keystone, etc.Cooperation with more than 100 ports and assume the world's major shipping company business agent.Close cooperation of the shipping company, cosco, China shipping, wanhai, oocl, in order to star shipping, maersk, the Mediterranean, CGM, Eva, hanjin, President of the United States and Pacific shipping, etc.Focus on from North America, Europe, the Middle East,
Northeast south Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, imported to China, such as door to door service.

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