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Paint Coating Delivery to Tianjin Customs Clearance

Paint coating import toTianjin, Customs clearance, broker, agent for Paint coating, Tianjin Customs clearance, Tianjin Customs broker, Tianjin Customs agent

We are China customs broker,  trading company , importer and exporter
We supply China import license agency Service and international shipping and China logisics, China buyers and Global sellers....
We  holding offices in China different 15 ports including:
Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai, Ningbo,Xiamen,and Hongkong,Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Dongguan .......
We  focus on Global goods products import & export to China, including:
1. Food & Beverage (wines, oliveoils, beers, Alcohols, pring water, chocolate, coffee, biscuit, cake, honey.....etc.)
2. Machinery & equipment (CNC centre, Production-line, Equipment, New or Used equipment and machines, and Instruments...etc.)
3. Wood Timber (African wood, logs, Southeast wood timber, squis wood,....etc)
4. Chemicals & Cosmetics products(American chemcials, coasting, painting, Korean...Japanese, Canadian, and Austalian chemicals ....etc.)
5. Luxury products(private helicopter, Yacht, boat, cars, truck,mountain bike....etc)
6. Others ( FCL container or LCL shipments or express couriers to China)
We  work on China customs clearance, air or sea freight Shipping, local logistics, warhouse, distribution and Trading, transporation ,trucking  payment agency T/T, L/C etc.

Paint Coating Import Consultant:Momo
Tel: +8613671815098         
whatsapp: 8613671815098                QQ:2098603790


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